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Jessica Valenti @JessicaValenti : “Media Coverage of #treyvonmartin possibly smoking pot is as relevant as discussing whether a rape survivor ever had a beer. #victimblaming”

Shelby Goodwin @ShelbyGoodwin ” You will not commodify this boy’s LYNCHING to bolster your shitty white lady feauxmanism. You will not. #dieslowly @JessicaValenti

Shelby Goodwin @ShelbyGoodwin “And you SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG @JessicaValenti”

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I feel better already!



thank you kindly.

WHOA… What just happened?!

wait…… isn’t the White girl stating that it is stupid to bring up Trayvon’s “past” to justify his murder? I think you just jumped the gun on that one, Shelby. She’s “on our side”

right…people just arguing to argue

Y’all don’t understand. This woman and her feminism are a BUSINESS. She has built her name and career off the backs of people of color.  This is not her showing care and concern. It is her trying to stay relevant and using Black bodies to make her brand seem legitimate.  She is vile.

There are very few words for how much Jessica Valenti disgusts me.

she’s on “our side”? uh, the bitch couldn’t even spell his name right. really? and as said, this is her career. it is not the same and she can shut the fuck up. cause in her mind, only white women get raped apparently. 

I could be utterly wrong, or just missing something, or maybe it’s the few hours of sleep i’m on. But i’m kind of divided on how i feel about this. 

first off, that’s disgusting she misspelled his name.

In another post to a different link, I wrote about how my teacher with a PHD in Ethnic/Gender Studies actually made a similar comparison in class today. She brought up how women are blamed for their rape because of what they wore beforehand. She definitely wasn’t saying it was the same thing, but making a connection. Maybe I just don’t know enough about Valenti, someone above said she made her career off the backs of people of color and I just don’t know a lot about her so maybe she has a history of doing things like this? I just feel like, i utterly agree this wasn’t the way to go about making her point, but i can understand the connection she was trying to make, and my teachers and class full of 30 students from all different backgrounds made really similar points. Blah I don’t know. Someone care to discuss?

She has a history of forgetting black women exist, trans women exist, non-gender binary people exist, so on and so forth. Add to that that this is career rather than activism, so yeah that tweet was her making a buck…The outrage was more than justified, not as if it’s for me to say whether it is or not. 

Context matters. 

Good Lorde… people, would it kill you to google Jessica Valenti before you get all in her pants like she’s some kind of messiah? Why does it even occur to you to auto-defend Valenti the Honky over and above giving the benefit of the doubt to Shelby, a Black woman? I’mma let y’all sit with that one… take your time…

Jessica Valenti is speaking on Thursday in Arizona (which probably says a lot about who she appeals to lets be honest) if anyone wants to… “attend”/flourbomb/whatever.

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